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Meet Aubree

Aubree Parker is a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) and Licensed Direct-Entry Midwife (LDEM). Her midwifery journey began over 10 years ago after getting a job as a receptionist at an out-of-hospital birth center. Once she attended her first birth shortly after beginning there, she was hooked! After that, she knew she wanted to spend her life empowering women to have the birth experience of their dreams.

Aubree has a passion for education and believes that knowledge truly is power. She loves to teach women about how to have a healthy and happy pregnancy, and she enjoys meeting clients where they are while providing compassionate, knowledgeable care.  


When not supporting mothers and families, Aubree enjoys spending time with her husband and 5 children, watercoloring, and reading.   


$4900 Global Midwifery Package

What does this include?*

  • All prenatal care

    • Monthly until 28 weeks, every 2 weeks until 36 weeks, weekly until 40 weeks, twice a week after 40 weeks

  • Routine initial prenatal labs, 28-week CBC, gestational diabetes testing, GBS testing**

  • Nutritional counseling

  • Access to my lending library

  • 36-week home visit

  • Home birth kit***

  • NST at 41 weeks

  • 24/7 access to your midwife from 36-43 weeks

  • Labor and delivery support 

  • Full newborn exam

  • Erythromycin ointment, vitamin K, and newborn metabolic screen

  • Postpartum care for mom and baby: 2-3 visits in-home during the first week, and an additional 3 visits in-office until 8 weeks postpartum.

  • Critical Congenital Heart Defect (CCHD) Screening

  • Newborn hearing screening

  • Breastfeeding support

  • State paperwork filing for birth certificate and social security card

*Ultrasounds not included

**Additional labs may have additional fees

***A birth tub is available to rent upon request

Daughter Kissing Pregnant Mom
Pregnant Woman on Couch
Young Couple Expecting
Pregnant Woman and Partner
Prenancy in White
Couple and Surrogate Mother

“There is a secret in our culture, and it’s not that birth is painful. It’s that women are strong.”

Laura Stavoe Harm

  • Is a midwife and a doula the same thing?
    No, a midwife and a doula undergo different training and certification. A doula specializes in the emotional and physical comfort of the mother, but does not do anything medical. A midwife is trained to help with the emotional comfort of the mother as well, but her primary role is to utilize her medical expertise to keep mom and baby healthy and safe. I have doula training as well as midwifery training.
  • Is home birth even safe?
    Yes, of course! As long as there are no abnormal complications throughout pregnancy, home birth is not only safe, but can also provide an even more natural and comfortable location for you to welcome your little one into this world. Aubree is trained to, through screening, discover any complications that may occur during pregnancy, and will transfer to higher levels of care when necessary.
  • Do you take insurance?
    Unfortunately, we are not contracted with any insurance companies, but we do work with a biller who can aide you in compiling the information necessary to submit for out-of-network insurance billing. Additionally, we do offer payment plans, but require payment in full by 37 weeks, unless other arrangements have been made. We would love to talk with you more about either of these options!
  • What does CPM, LDEM mean?
    CPM stands for Certified Professional Midwife. It is a national credential designated by the North American Registry of Midwives after a midwife undergoes extensive clinical training and then passes a national exam. LDEM stands for Licensed Direct-Entry Midwife. This licensing title is specific to Utah, which states that I have fulfilled the CPM requirements and a pharmacology course, in addition to being up-to-date with my CPR and NRP (neonatal resuscitation program) certifications. This licensing allows me to carry certain medications, which can be used in the case of emergencies.
  • What pain management techniques do you offer?
    Evidence shows that a calm, relaxing environment (like what can be easily facilitated at home) allows your hormones to be in balance leading to the least amount of pain possible. Aubree can even assist with counterpressure and massage techniques to help manage labor's intensity, and the use of water can also strongly assist in pain relief. That being said, we strongly encourage all of our clients to undergo a birth education course prior to labor that will review pain management and stress relieving techniques.
  • What areas do you travel to?
    At this time, I service clients located in Salt Lake and Utah counties.
“Aubree is amazing! I had two births before she helped me with my third, and the difference she made was incredible. My husband is a wonderful man, but having Aubree, who is well-trained and passionate about helping with pregnancy and birthing, made everything easier. I felt so seen, she paid close attention to how and what I was feeling, she validated the way I thought my body was going to handle labor, and was supportive and guiding when it didn't go exactly to plan. She showed up, so patiently, for my false alarms, gave me new insight into things I thought I already knew, and even gave me some amazing tips that, afterward, led to me being able to breastfeed for the first time. She is the best, and I cannot recommend her enough." 

Tori B.

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